Month: December 2019

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episode 1 – mass tourism [1/2]

#masstourism #spreadtheword #empowerknowledgesharing Hello, world! In this episode, we attempt to understand the local point of view on tourism in Batad, Ifugao region, Luzon Island, Philippines. The feature of Batad is its...

Karamoja: alcohol, mines and multinationals

Karamoja: alcohol, mines and multinationals

In a photoreportage realized in August 2018, Giacomo Buldrini tells us about the difficult situation the population of Karamoja, the poorest region of Uganda, is facing. Here, large private interests amplify long-standing problems, such as the exploitation of workers in mines and alcohol abuse.

episode 0 – the hike begins!

#spreadtheword #empowerknowledgesharing The hike begins!SocialHike is a digital platform in which we want to collect the voice and experiences of people from all over the world. Our goal is to build a social community...

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