Hello, world! Why SocialHike has begun

Riccardo Monticelli
Video Credits: Ashish S, POPTravel, Bologna Welcome on YouTube
Published on December 20, 2019
I believe in the power of ideas. I believe in the power of sharing knowledge.
Ory Okolloh

You may be trying to figure out what has lead us to start this ambitious initiative and why we are creating this independent storytelling global platform. So why SocialHike?

Let us tell you! It all started for a sense of moral duty and the desire to take up the challenge, with the aim to put our knowledge into practice and to establish new social links between people all over the world, rejecting every identity, ethnic, religious and political division that our societies have long dealt within our everyday lives.

It all started in September when Alessandra said she would have liked to share her 5-months internship and travel experience in Philippines and India with the world. So we thought: we could start up a vlog series! Cool, isn’t it? And then we thought: we could also build up a more open and welcoming space, where people from all around the world can gather and share their knowledge and personal stories! Then, lastly:  we should fulfill our aspiration for a global and autonomous interconnection between individuals and groups that takes advantage of technological opportunities in order to make this become the first, totally autonomous, horizontal and decentralized knowledge sharing tool, concerning the fundamental and demanding themes of our age. So here we are! 

Hello, world! Why SocialHike has begun 1 sh founders skype why
Hello, world! Why SocialHike has begun 2 sh founders skype why 2
Hello, world! Why SocialHike has begun 3 sh founders skype why 3

Although there’s a long road ahead of us, we’re sure that we are on the right path: we believe in cooperation and solidarity and through this blog, we look forward to reach as many people as possible, and let every single human being express its talents and needs in the community. We are excited.

In the next months, we’ll figure out how to let this creation be recognized as a non-profit foundation at the international level. In this way, we could start to take advantage of funding opportunities, in order to grow better and realize a stronger operational structure. Meanwhile, if you want to endorse our projects, besides joining us, you can donate here. We commit to reporting every single cent we receive from donations. We plan to use donations for infrastructure growing purposes.

What better place than here, what better time than now! We need people to get involved with SocialHike. We need you. Our societies need you. We want individuals that believe in this project and that are keen to take it under their wing, shaping the future of this wonderful world we live in.

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  1. Angelica

    Che bella idea!!!
    Ho dei contatti in Colombia che vi potrebbero interessare e potrebbero avere materiale bello
    Vi voglio bene

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