Regeni and Zaky: field researchers at the forefront risking their lives

There’s still no truth and justice for the death of Giulio Regeni. Patrick Zaky has just been arrested and tortured. The life of students and researchers is continuously under threat in Egypt.

Period: a documentary about menstruation wins the Oscar

Worldwide, people who menstruate face multiple difficulties: taboo, exclusion from public places, inaccessibility to items like sanitary pads and tampons, and many others.

Femvertising: through an Italian lens

Femvertising: the new tendency in the advertising industry that overcomes the so far stereotyped female images produced by media. Through a brief analysis of what in the italian advertising sector has been the tendency, by now, of exploiting the female body, Vanessa Putignano supports the shift towards a fair representation of the multidimensionality of life and bodies.

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Karamoja: alcohol, mines and multinationals
Karamoja: alcohol, mines and multinationals

In a photoreportage realized in August 2018, Giacomo Buldrini tells us about the difficult situation the population of Karamoja, the poorest region of Uganda, is facing. Here, large private interests amplify long-standing problems, such as the exploitation of workers in mines and alcohol abuse.

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