episode 1 – mass tourism [1/2]

Riccardo Monticelli
Published on December 23, 2019

#masstourism #spreadtheword #empowerknowledgesharing Hello, world! In this episode, we attempt to understand the local point of view on tourism in Batad, Ifugao region, Luzon Island, Philippines. The feature of Batad is its rice terraces, whose age has been estimated 2000 years old, although there is no evidence of it. The teachings on rice cultivation are orally transmitted, but new generations are more likely to move to urban realities so that the preservation of this tradition might be at threat. Nevertheless, having become a tourist attraction the environmental impact of infrastructures and the difficulty around solid waste management constitute a danger for nature and local communities. Lanzer, a local guide, suggests some solutions.

Created and filmed by Alessandra Monticelli
Edited by Riccardo Monticelli
Subtitled by Alex Caini

— Video Editing Support —
Luca Waver
Davide Natali
Roberto Origlia

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