episode 1 – mass tourism [2/2]

Riccardo Monticelli
Published on January 19, 2020

Willing to listen to the voices of Buscalan, I went to meet Maria Apo Wang Od, who recently became famous for her traditional tattoos. While her work is so unique that it is worth to be known everywhere, one cannot ignore some ‘side effects’ that big waves of tourists cause arriving in a small village as Buscalan.
In this episode, we consider the impact of infrastructures on nature, that put at threat the old tradition of rice cultivation and the pollution of solid waste. The interview was taken in English and Butbut dialect. Any misinterpretation or wrong translation can be reported at [email protected] Support us in creating Butbut subtitles!

Created and filmed by Alessandra Monticelli
Edited by Riccardo Monticelli
Subtitled by Alex Caini

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